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                      Fuda constantly invests in technology to improve and enhance our services to deliver more to you. We have designed powerful and innovative systems, which are flexible to meet your needs.

                      After the simple log-in process, you can choose the following five services:

                      1.Stock-Demand Order Service

                      2.Stock-Demand Order-Checking Service

                      Checking In-warehouse Service

                      Checking Stock Service

                      Checking Out-warehouse Service


                      Fuda comes a step ckser-frorm your door step to your desktop! Fuda has launched its bcal bilingual websit designed specifically fo its international customers, You can operate the stock demand nght from your deskop.

                      China port

                      The Payment Collection System, which is based on CNC Internet service,supplies a channel for enterprise to apply for verification lists, record the export port of verification lists, hand in the verification lists, report the lost of verification lists and search the information about verification lists.

                      The Online System for Tariff Payment, which is one of the 'China Port services and is connected with bank system and other systems, has changed the traditional method of payment and supplied an accurate convenient and efficient online service of paying tariff.


                      The Log-in Page for‘China Port’


                      The Choices of Functions

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                      Searching Customs Verification Lists

                      Besides the e-services for customers, we also implement the Information Systems for our daily operations.

                      Inventory Management System

                      With the stocking Management System, We can manage the process of in- and out-warehouse, delivering record, expense calculation, managing relevant forms management and interchanging with Customs.

                      The Inventory Management System has been enhancing the operation efficiency of warehouse staff, meanwhile, saving a great deal time of customers, which can achieve the purpose of supplying value-added service to customers.

                      Bar-Code Controlling System

                      With the Bar-Code Controlling System, we can make a code for each part ntering Fuda warehouse and manage the cargos in warehouse in sequence in oeder to accelerate the process of storage, inspection and take-out.


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